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Bicycle Accidents in South Texas? Hard to Prove Without a Lawyer

Bicycle accidents can be difficult to prove anywhere, any time of year unless you hire a personal injury lawyer who has significant experience with bicycle accident litigation. Attorney Joe Brad Brock is just such a lawyer, as lots of South Texas bicyclists will attest.

Getting a Fair Settlement After a Truck Accident

South Texas people injured in truck accidents have a right by law to seek recovery. This basically entails forcing the parties responsible for a victim's injuries to pay the medical bills and replace lost wages.

Your Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Rights in South Texas

A slip or trip and fall accident could happen anywhere, at any time. To recover fair compensation, it's crucial to hire an experienced attorney to represent you. Read more here, and contact the Law Office of Joe Brad Brock for help if you've been hurt.

Tips on Recovering Accident Damages from Public Carriers in South Texas

If you live in the Corpus Christi-San Antonio-South Texas area and have been injured in an accident aboard a bus, train, or plane, the process of recovering damages from a public carrier is complicated. You'll definitely need help from an experienced personal injury lawyer like Joe Brad Brock.